Our hardware is completely hand-made by master blacksmiths, so no two are exactly alike. IT IS NOT RUST-PROOF AND MAINTENANCE IS REQUIRED DEPENDING UPON THE CLIMATE AND INSTALL LOCATION. Please take a moment to read these few maintenance instructions to get decades of solid performance.

  • Our hand forged iron is the authentic craft, made with centuries-old blacksmithing traditions. There has been no compromise to its historical authenticity by adding any paints or powder coating to prevent rust. As such, you will need to give it some occasional care and maintenance as follows:
  • If you live in a mid to high humidity environment, the hardware will develop rust. This is due to the natural wax finish wearing away with either the oils from your hands or other climatic effects. The wax prevents oxygen from getting to the iron preventing rust or "oxidation". When you see some rust developing, as soon as possible, do the following depending upon the patina of your hardware:
    1. Hot Wax: use a 3M pad and rub it off gently.
    2. All other patinas: use a soft rag to rub off the rust. If that does not work, use a 3M pad VERY VERY GENTLY. The plating on our silver or copper patinas, or the color on chemical patinas such as Antique Bronze or Rust Highlights can come off if this is not done with extreme care. If you have any questions contact your dealer.
  • After getting the rust off, lightly scour the entire piece to remove excess surface dirt and dust.
  • Apply a liberal amount of clear paste wax such as Johnson's Paste Wax, Butcher's Wax, or TreWax, available at local hardware stores. Allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes (15 minutes for TreWax), then buff out with a clean soft rag. The more you buff, the harder the wax becomes and the greater the sheen. If you are in a coastal environment, repeat this process.
  • All working parts have a Teflon bushing in between so there is little chance that anything can freeze up. If your hardware is in a second home or doesn't get much use, you may have to work it a bit if it hasn't been used in some time.

As long as you take good care of the hardware, it will work well for you. The hand-applied patina, too, can change over time. We cannot guarantee patinas as the natural aging process is a part of its beauty.



Our cast bronze hardware uses the highest grade of silicon bronze available. Our patinas are all hand-and-torch applied using various minerals and chemicals. These patinas are living finishes, which will age naturally over time. This is part of the beauty of bronze and the reason for its popularity & value. The natural oils from your hands can change the patina on the lever or knob to a greater extent, while the rest of the patina such as on the escutcheon may see less aging. Again, this is a natural process and will only add to its natural appeal.

Maintenance consists of an occasional cleaning of the hardware and a rewaxing. For cleaning, use a clean, damp cotton rag to wipe off excess dust and oils. DO NOT use a cleaning solvent as that could damage the patina. After cleaning, rewax with a clear paste wax such as Johnson's Paste Wax, Butcher's Wax, or TreWax, all available at local hardware stores.. Be sure to follow the wax manufacturer’s instructions. Allow the wax to dry for at least 5 minutes (15 minutes for TreWax), then buff it with a clean soft rag - the more you buff, the more the sheen.