About The Founder

Anagha Dandekar wished to breathe new life into an industry which continued to either replicate old palatial- style hardware or mass-produce generic modern styles copied around the world.  Her vision was to create a brand which stands for distinctive design, beautiful finishes and precision engineering.

With that in mind, she co-founded Hardware Renaissance in 2002 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  Since then, it has come to embody outstanding design and unique finishes around the world.

She has introduced the west to the exceptional work of Indian artisans, while bringing to the east a focus on sustainable design and production.

The brand’s original designs, unexpected finishes and high quality engineering, have found its way to a large variety of projects around the world–from luxury villas and estates, high-end boutique hotels, to award-winning resorts. Anagha has worked with the most prestigious design houses in Europe and USA, on projects spanning several continents.

For Anagha, there is no compromising on her core principles,
as she knows that is the only way to build a lasting brand.

Anagha Dandekar